Compass Rose Butterfly Clockwork Necklace

Compass Rose Butterfly Clockwork Necklace

Necklace length: 9 Inches; Pendant height: 1.25 Inches; Pendant width: 1.25 Inches

This beautiful Butterfly Clockwork Necklace has little moving parts! All of the pieces I am selling from Compass Rose are also out of rotation so no one will have the same one. Necklaces are extremely sturdy and made from found antique items. This clock face was made from an Elgin National Watch Company face No. 18089715 Which was a pocket watch made in the late 1800's!

Clockwork + Industrial
Industrial jewelry for travelers, historians, cyclists and the adventurous spirit - vintage watches, antique keys and buttons cast in sterling silver and bronze for a modern style.

Handmade in the US with Recycled Metals

Inspired by Hidden Stories of Everyday Objects

Compass Rose Design is inspired by the history of small things, 1870-1970, a century that bridges the old world and the modern era. Each piece celebrates love, creativity, and culture through the hidden stories of vintage keepsakes: buttons, keys, charms, and clocks. Weaving together modern designs with vintage stories, we translate these historic objects into wearable treasures. Handcrafted in Northern California.


$ 54.00